I will work for your interests, not the special interests.

·      I support the efforts of General Treasurer Gina Raimondo for statewide pension reform and will continue to work with her on full implementation of her plan adopted by General Assembly.

·      I will always fight to ensure adequate financial resources are available at the state level to help cities and towns.  I will urge acceleration of the state’s new funding formula for public education to provide more money to municipalities.

·      As I have done on the Cumberland Town Council, I will always advocate for strong public schools and the need for educational excellence to make our state more competitive with others.

·      I will work to ease burdensome state regulations and to streamline the permitting and licensing procedures that hurt our small businesses in Cumberland and Lincoln.

·      As I have done on the Cumberland Town Council and as a member of several environmental organizations, I will support all efforts to protect open space for recreation and conservation purposes.