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Councilwoman Ackerman in Pictures

In 2006, the newly elected councilwoman
instantly worked to bring a safe playground
for the children of Cumberland.
Councilwoman Ackerman reviews the strategic plan with
youth commissioners before presenting it to the Town Council. 

Councilwoman Ackerman pays respect to our veterans on
Memorial Day 2012.
Annual Flag Day celebration at the
JJ McLaughlin Elementary School hosted by Councilwoman Ackerman.
Councilwoman Ackerman has been and will continue
to be an advocate of recreation.

She is a member of the Board of Directors of the
Metcalf-Franklin Farm Association.

Ackerman is a regular featured guest of
Youth Champions of Southern New England Radio Show.
She worked tirelessly to bring an addition,
which includes a state of the art media center, to the
JJ McLaughlin Elementary School

As a strong advocate for senior citizens,
Councilwoman Ackerman attends all functions
of the Cumberland Senior Center.